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Be a successful trader
Start your career in our trading floor and become a successful professional trader
Welcome to PeryCap
Our aim is to be the best financial research company in India by empowering young talents.

How we can help you?

PeryCap is the financial research company and a brand of Peryton Securities Consultants Private Limited. Our main business is to focus and provide an in-depth research on equity shares in Global market. We analyse our research with practical implication on live market and get the result out of it with minimising risk and maximise profit.


A trading strategy is the method of buying and selling in markets that is based on predefined rules used to make trading decisions.It is a fixed plan that is designed to achieve a profitable return by going long or short in markets.

Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization's capital and earnings.Risk management occurs everywhere in the financial world.


Technical analysis is the key to successful trading. Technical analysis is an analysis methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data.


Focus is a skill and it increases the more traders exercise it.The ability to focus and concentrate, particularly in a chaotic, fast-moving environment, is an underappreciated but crucial skill for traders.


The psychological aspect of trading is extremely important. Traders often have to think fast and make quick decisions, darting in and out of stocks on short notice.

Self Motivate

Motivation is energy, and we know that energy can provide life-support.Self-motivation is a power that drives us to keep moving ahead.

Why PeryCap?

The business focus is to provide the research, analyse and online trading of shares in Global Market.

PeryCap’s only business is investing on unique analyst.

PeryCap is designed to meet the needs of today’s professional analyst

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We Understand user expectation

Traders need to have a solid and realistic understanding of what they expect in the future, and specifically what returns they expect to produce in terms of profits.

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PeryCap Trading Environment

There are different environments that a currency can trade in, and being aware of that environment might help you make better trading decisions.

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fall in love with our features

Real time support

We take care of your Trading related issue and technology issue and support you over chat or call. We will try to solve issue as quick as possible.

Transparent with client

It does not matter that our client is small or big. We are fully transparent with all our clients. We discuss each small point with our client.

Encourage learning

Learning trading basics gives new traders an opportunity to learn about the various markets and the one in which they want to trade.

Fully loaded trading platform

We provide you the best Trading platform with fully loaded features and try to make it error free by quick resolve any issue.

Flexible communication

Any communication is the key to success. Don't be afraid to tell about position your and ask any questions that are interesting for you.

Easy to use interface

A Trader can be successful when hit Trading interface is easy to use, flexible and user friendly. We belief in our client satisfaction.

About us

PeryCap is designed with care so that it can meet the needs of today’s professional analyst and researcher.
We provides our professional analyst with the capital, Updated modern Hi–Tech tools and Real-time IT support which are very essential things to get their success in today’s upgraded financial platform.

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candidates would be doing analysis and research in global equity exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX

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